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Facebook is my life. I cannot live without Facebook account. I spend all most my time on Facebook for business and my entertainment. My everything is on my Facebook – my friends, my games, my customers on my Facebook pages and groups, especially photos which I host on Facebook for many years.
And you? does Facebook also really important for you in your life? Once day, if you cannot access your Facebook account, what do you feel?
According to my research, most people lost their Facebook account when Facebook Photo Checkpoint occur.
What make Facbook Photo Checkpoint occur?
Facebook Photo Checkpoint

Facebook will let you choose the name of your friends who was tag in the photos or sometime Facebook will let you type the name of your friends into the box who was tag in the photo that is the most difficult case, little people can pass this test.
Facebook will ask you to do these kinds of test when you perform unusual activity on your Facebook account such as:
– you like many pages, photos or status in one day (maybe more than 180 likes per days)
– you log in different location where impossible for you to reach there. I used to use change IP software on my laptop. I log in Facebook in Cambodia, and after 10 minutes I log in Facebook again in The United State. so Facebook Photo Checkpoint occur on my account.
– you tag photo to other friends who aren’t in the photo and they report you.
– you post anything illegal Facebook Community Standard
– you mention many people on your status or photo. some people they use script in browser console to mention a lot people in their status in a short time.
– you share a spam content. the title of your content is A, but when your friends click on the link, it goes to B.
Why we cannot pass Photo Checkpoint on Facebook?
Even if we know all friends in Facebook, we still cannot pass this test. because in Facebook there are many photos. And your friends may tag his or her dog, cat, a coke of their and many other things which we cannot identify.
Therefore, when Facebook Photo Checkpoint happen, you need to say bye bye to Facebook if you use Facebook fake account.
How to bypass Facebook Photo Checkpoint if we use real information to create Facebook account?
The only one way to identify your Facebook account isn’t fake when photo checkpoint happened is submit your government identity card photo to Facebook.
How to submit your government identity card photo to Facebook?
– log in your Facebook account
log in your Facebook account

– Enter Facebook Captcha
Enter Facebook Captcha

– Click on I need help
Click on I need help

– Click on Submit a request
Click on Submit a request

– Fill out your Full Name, upload your government-Issued ID ,and check I understand I won’t get help with my account if I haven’t upload a valid ID and click Submit.